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In our days, many women feel abandoned, rejected and emotionally wounded. Unhappy, tired and wounded women not only affect negatively their own well-being but also affect those near them, including their household.


We understand that “hurting people hurt others.” Conversely, a happy woman is a catalyst for a happy family. Today’s pressures can contribute to the breaking down of women and the destruction of families. (The divorce rate across the globe is a key indicator of how families are falling apart.)

Unfortunately, people have taken divorce as a normal condition of living. We consider the wife in a home like the engine of vehicle; imagine riding a vehicle with a broken engine! That is how many families are today. But there is a solution.  


Many of those heart-wounded women do not know how to find emotional healing or solutions to their problems. They turn to drug abuse, fighting, divorce, and extramarital affairs which can lead to further issues such as self-rejection that may lead to suicide, alcohol abuse and silence while decaying from the inside.


Broken relations have become a model for family living.  When one family is destroyed or broken, it is the church which is broken, even the country’s stability, future, and happiness are all disturbed.

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